Abhinav Bindra Foundation

“It’s not every four years. It’s everyday."

Who we are

The Abhinav Bindra Foundation is an initiative to bring Sports Science and Technology to India and show the necessity of Physical Self Awareness and Education to a new Generation of Athletes!

Physical Self Awareness makes an Athlete:
    • More Receptive to Training
    • In Control of his/her Technique
    • Avoid Injury and Maximise Performance

We look to imbibe the Concepts of “STEAM” into an Athlete’s Performance, giving him the edge against his opponents

Science. Engineering. Technology. Medicine


Mission: The use of Technology to increase the Standard of Physical Self Awareness, Channelling a culture of Excellence in Health and Sports.


A nation-wide Ecosystem for Grassroots Sport to pursue Excellence at par with Global Leaders.

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“I have had the opportunity to lead a life involved in high performance sport for over 20 years. I was fortunate to get the best support with cutting edge science and technology, which is essential to succeed in the elite world of sport.
With the intention of providing the same to our athletes, we set up the Abhinav Bindra Foundation and our centres, so our athletes have access to the best practices right here in India”