Through our efforts, we can proudly claim that over 500 Athletes have benefitted from the Centres, covering more than 10 Olympic Sports. As the Only Stakeholder in India to focus on Sports Science and Technology for Athletes, the process of Educating the country of its necessity has been a tedious, but rewarding process once more people buy into the idea of what it can do.

We remain dedicated to ensuring accessibility to every athlete that wishes to utilise the equipment, as well as encouraging a new generation of Grassroots Athletes to learn the importance of Physical Literacy and High Performance.

“It was unbelievable! When I came in it wasn’t looking like I was going to play but I eventually did and ended up winning the event. I think it’s a fantastic place, one of its kind in India. It’s long overdue for the amount of expertise it has.”

Saurav Ghoshal (Squash)

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