The Foundation works towards Two Lines of Activity:  Our Centres and Outreach Activities

Our Centres

Our Centre Activity is routed through 2 Centres situated in Pune and Bengaluru. Centres under ABTP also help taking the cause forward

These centres host State-of-the-art Technology from around the world that can test and train an athlete, whichever sport he/she may play. Such Technology has never been brought to India before. However, through our centres, athletes can access these facilities for free, or at a nominal rate.

Our Services:
 • Full Body Assessments
 • Sport Specific High-Performance Programmes
 • Recovery Protocols
 • Injury Rehabilitation/Pre-Habilitation Protocols

To know more about our Scholarship Programmes, where we provide access for free, please click here.


Sports Science is an underdeveloped concept in India, hindering our ability to keep up with best practice from across the world. Many still look upon it as a luxury, rather than a necessity. Our Outreach Activities aim to change that perception, by identifying

Pushed across Schools, Academies, and other Grassroots Institutions, Our Expert Physiotherapists, Data Analysts, and Doctors conduct Consultations and Interactions across the country.

We also provide workshops for coaches and Sports Personnel that look to understand the advantages of Sports Science to their Athletes.

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