Make a Mark is a project initiated by Niccolo Campriani, a Three-Time Olympic Champions and one of the most decorated Air Rifle Shooting Athletes in the world.

In partnership with the Abhinav Bindra Foundation, three refugees, Mahdi, Khaoula and Luna were selected from a group of Eleven Applicants to help them rehabilitate their lives through the Sport of Shooting.

Be a part of the Olympic Movement!


In the last year, from having never picked up a rifle in their live before, they are now training to qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo! Khaoula and Mahdi are already eligible for selection, and may well be a part of the Games.
We are not only excited about their chances at qualifying, but also how they choose to go about becoming role models for the rest of the world, to see them struggle and overcome hardship, using the power of Sport.