mCube makes Donation to help with COVID Pandemic in India through Abhinav Bindra Foundation Trust

Habit+ Smart Bands Provided to Doctors and Frontline Healthcare Workers

San Jose, CA – May 31, 2021 – mCube, an innovator and technology leader in sensor solutions that enable the Internet of Moving Things (IoMT), today proudly announced the donation of SensFit™ Habit+ smart bands powered by its sensor technology to help the fight against  COVID-19 spread in India through Abhinav Bindra Foundation Trust in Mohali, India. The Habit+ bands have been distributed to doctors, frontline healthcare workers, COVID care hospitals as well as members within Government. India is an important country for mCube’s partners, customers, and employees. The company is highly motivated to help enhance the wellness of people in the country.

Senfit Habit+ bands use advanced motion AI algorithms developed by mCube. These include alerts and analytics of hand movements near a person’s face, hand washing motions, exercise, and sleep. These activities are aligned with the World Health Organization (WHO) advice to the public for reducing the risk of contracting viruses, including Coronavirus and seasonal influenza.

“We are happy to make this donation and do what we can to support the people in India during the pandemic. The advanced analytics and AI reminders will help people to become more conscious of their activity and improve habits that contribute to staying healthy. We are proud of our contribution to the SensFit Habit+ smart band and excited to see our technology being deployed to assist people in the prevention of COVID-19.,” said Ben Lee, CEO of mCube. “We are honored to partner with Abhinav Bindra Foundation to enable this donation to be distributed to frontline healthcare workers.”

“The Foundation is glad to be a part of a noble initiative like this, and we have already received appreciation from doctors and frontline workers that have received the bands,” said the Founder of the Abhinav Bindra Foundation, Mr. Abhinav Bindra, “We thank the mCube team for this gesture of solidarity in difficult times and hope we all come out stronger and more resilient!”